About Us

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Been There Done That Gaming

Been There Done That Gaming was initially established in 2011 as a Battlefield 3 clan for current and former military service members interested in casual gaming with fellow veterans.  BTDT quickly grew beyond its Battlefield 3 roots and expanded to encompass multiple games and platforms.

More importantly, BTDT transformed into a community focused on creating a veteran-friendly environment in which members could decompress from the stresses of daily life through casual and stress-free gameplay with fellow veterans who understood each other’s backgrounds and experiences and who could honestly say that they too had been there and done that.

As BTDT continues to evolve and take shape, this primary mission has remained at BTDT’s core – to empower the individual veteran to overcome his or her stressors and to develop a community of esprit de corps reminiscent of their time in military service.  As such, members have grown beyond just being strangers on the other side of a console but true brothers and sisters in arms.

Towards New Horizons

As BTDT looks to the future, we hope that you decide to join us for the ride!  Help shape our community and rediscover that camaraderie you experienced in the dust covered streets of Iraq, the rocky mountains of Afghanistan, the salt covered decks of the ship, or the sweltering heat of the fuel splashed tarmac!

If this sounds like the community for you, apply today!

BTDT Gaming – A gaming community for real-life military veterans.