Veteran Resources

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Important Veteran Resources

Been There Done That is a strong supporter of veteran assistance. We realize that situations for each individual veteran are different and vary from one veteran to the next. We have updated our site to include resources and services that are made open to all veterans who may be in need. These are listed here, as well as a short description at the bottom, for your ease of use should you need them. Some of the following assistance and/or programs include:
These links are resources and services open to all veterans. If you find you are still struggling please contact us and we will do our best to assist you with what you are trying to accomplish. We understand as veterans that have been there before how much of a struggle some of these things can be when attempting to utilize some of these services, but they are here for you to use.
The US Department of Veteran Affairs: The home page to the VA. You can use this page to look up nearby VA Hospitals and resource centers. Once you arrive with your paperwork you can enroll into the VA for extended benefits. They will provide you with your own VA ID card and can help assist with medical needs, mental health, and disability claims – just to name a few of the services.
The US Department of Veteran Affairs Home Loans: Looking to purchase a house? This link will help prepare you for the process when you choose to start applying for a VA Home Loan.
USA Jobs: This link is full of postings about jobs — civilian or contracted — that focus on finding qualified candidates that are preferably military veterans.
The Veterans Crisis Line: This is a Veterans Crisis link. Here you will find help for mental health issues. If you need or want to talk to a stranger, chat online, or find out how to look for warning signs with others, please check this link out. Unload your mind on someone random and share the weight of your thoughts. As Veterans we take our mental well-being very serious and promote this type of interaction and outreach.

Been There Done That Veteran Community

Additionally, you can head over to our BTDT Battle Buddy forum dedicated as a sacred space within our forums. This area is for members who are seeking a place to vent about life or their experiences in the military. Many military members suffer from depression, anxiety, and other problems, so Battle Buddies is a place for them to go to either seek support or simply have a room to scream in without judgment. Many of our members have used this forum to deal with their problems, and some have gotten over their fear or pride and sought out the professional attention they needed. Of course not everyone needs professional help, most simply need a place to talk. Battle Buddies is a safe place for you, if you need it. We also have an Emergency Call Roster of members who are available for talking. If you ever need an ear for listening, give these guys a call.

NOTE: This is not a licensed therapy forum. We are not psychiatrists or doctors. We can point you in the direction of places to go to receive licensed medical help. But we do have ears to listen and eyes to read.

And of course, we have BEEN THERE and we have DONE THAT.

Access and manage your VA benefits and health care.

The Federal Government offers unique hiring paths to help hire individuals that represent our diverse society. Learn more about each hiring path and your eligibility.

Connect with the Veterans Crisis Line to reach caring, qualified responders with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Many of them are Veterans themselves.